Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day One of Operation Clean Studio

So after the shock of my disasterous studio had worn off I tackled the task at hand by first rolling up my sleeves and hauling my bookcase into the closet. I wanted to be able to fully utilize the closet space while also freeing up some space in my work area. (It's always felt rather snug in there) I also took the wheels off of my drawer storage and was able to fit one of them underneath my work table so that I am
fully utilizing the entire space. Already I am happier with the feeling in my studio and am looking forward to cleaning out a lot of the junk to free up even more space.

Does anyone know of a place that might sell paper storage fairly inexpensively? I would like better storage for my watercolor paper but am finding it hard to locate paper storage for sheets that size that don't break the bank. Has anyone else organized their art studio or craft area? Any items that you just couldn't live without? Despite my apparent lack of organization, organizational supplies are
one of my all-time favorites.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I woke up to a disaster on a post apocalyptic scale.

The following photos are horrifying and disturbing so please brace yourself. Please don't ask me how I allowed this to happen or when it happened or how I could live with things this way for so long. I have NO IDEA.
I literally woke up from an artistic reverie and discovered that some sort of bomb had gone off while I was in my own personal candy land. It was quite a shock I assure you. I realized that my studio had long since
become nothing but a storage space and the rest of my house had been assimilated into makeshift work spaces. Beading in the office, polymer work on the dining room table, mosaics in the living room, etc. The list goes on
and on. Rather than all of my art being kept nicely in one space (as originally intended) my entire house had been overcome with it! So I am beginning the enormous task of doing over my studio so that all of my art projects can be comfortably worked on in it. It basically comes down to organization and my studio's extreme lack of anything remotely resembling it. Well, that's not ENTIRELY true. Over the years I have spent large quantities of time labeling random boxes and attempting to keep everything tidy. It just seems as if my ever expanding interests have outgrown my current space.

Any craft/art organizational tips and advice would be
greatly appreciated as I tackle this behemoth of a project. I will be keeping photos of my progress as I work on it.