Monday, June 7, 2010


I was blessed enough to get to see James Gurney in person at the Norton Art Museum in West Palm Beach. His Dinotopia paintings and models are on exhibition there until Sept. 5th. I highly recommend it to any art lovers in the vicinity. I recommend it twice as much to anyone who is a dinosaur fan as well. It's simply amazing to see his work in person! I was rather shocked to see how many of my friends aren't familiar with his work though! I had thought that the Dinotopia books were as well-known as the Star Wars movies or Where the Wild Things are. I guess not. I'm sort of happy about this actually. It means that I get to introduce people to an amazing artist's work that is worth getting to know.
Here are a few of his pieces for you to enjoy. If you are anywhere in the West Palm Beach, FL area or have the means to visit for a day... Check out this exhibition! His work is 10x better in person!

To see more of his work, visit

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