Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Works

Busy as usual. I've finally finished my painting "Isabelle". This is the first in a series of masquerade paintings that I'll be doing.
                                                                        The Beginning

                                                                     The Finished Piece


I'm always working on several projects at once so I a mother/daughter painting I'm working on (photos to come soon) and some wedding accessories that I'm doing for an online wedding fair.
This is a barrette that I recently finished. Photos of other pieces will follow soon.

If you'd like more information about this fair, check out this blog. It has great tips for brides and gives information about this upcoming event from Jan. 17th thru Jan. 31st..

It's a great way to have a uniquely handmade wedding!


  1. Wow! You ARE busy! The masquerade series is such a creative, original idea! It's going to be an amazing collection, I already know! This one is awesome!

  2. Both are beautiful! I really love the painting. ♥

  3. A wonderful painting and love how you've shown the progression. The barrette is lovely. You've been busy!! Have a great week!