Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New pieces for Co-op 28 Handmade!

I've finally finished almost all of the pieces that I'm creating for Co-op 28 Handmade in Los Angeles. I thought that I'd share some of them with you.
                                           I really like this pair of earrings a lot!

                                            Some bold, statement earrings...

                                             I'm loving the art nouveau feeling of this drape necklace!

                                     I was so happy when I found the leafy connectors for this necklace!

                                            These colors make me happy. :)

I'm really hopeful that this venture will turn out to be a good one. I've recently found out that there are over 60 artists participating! That's amazing!!

I will be offering these on Etsy shortly, but it won't be under Phoenix Art Studio anymore. All jewelry is going to be going to a new Etsy shop. At the moment, the working title is Jewels of Enchantment. I'll let you know when that is up and running and include a link.

Hope that everyone's week is going well! I'm hoping to enjoy some of the nice weather today by photographing some of my new jewelry outside. :)


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh I too love the pink earrings, although all of your new pieces are beautiful. I wish you very well with the co-op 28 in L.A. I really hope you do well. Thanks for sharing and your photog's are wonderful as always! Hava superduper day!

  2. Thanks so much Dave! Wishing you a splendiferous day as well!! :)