Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Burlesketch Drawings

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Here are some paintings and sketches that were done during my burlesketch sessions.

            This particular night we had an artist participating who wanted to do a painting of the pose.
Typically the poses are only 15 to 20 min long so we all had to sort of improvise and figure out ways to make the most of having only one 2 hour pose instead. I first did a quick sketch of the model so that I could get a feel for the pose.

                        After the initial sketch I then did a mixed media painting using whatever I had in my backpack. ( I didn't really have many painting tools in my backpack since I wasn't anticipating having to do a longer pose) This piece was done using pencil, ink, watercolor pencils, watercolors and colored pencils.

    The next week we were back to our 15-20 minute poses . I like working quickly though, it gives the piece a bit of urgency and also keeps the lines fluid.

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