Monday, May 7, 2012

The Journey of a Photoshoot

I mentioned in a past blog post that I had been hired to do costumes for a photoshoot in L.A. Well that project is finally finished and I wanted to share that experience with you.

My director, Drew Bates of Unique Publications LLC, wanted something reminescent of the 1950s. (Not necessarily historically accurate but inspired by this time period) He mentioned Katy Perry as a possible celebrity to grab inspiration from. The words that were bandied about during our initial conversation were flirty, fun, slightly innocent but still sexy. Taking all of these things in mind I developed an idea of what I thought would work best in terms of style or silhouette, pattern, color, etc. Drew had chosen a kitchen location for the shoot that had quite a bit of color in it.

 He had also created some brightly colored 'products' that our model, Camille, would be holding.

Also Camille, our model, was going to be dying her hair a bright red for the shoot. Seeing how much color would be in the scene I chose to go with minimal color for my costume choices. I directed my focus more on getting the right silhouette and to find pieces in fun patterns .

I was so excited when I came across this apron!

 It was absolutely perfect for what I had in mind and I felt as if it had been created just for this shoot. Once the apron was purchased I let it inspire me for the dress that Camille would wear underneath. Seeing the fun stripes in the apron, I decided to contrast those with some polka dots. My finished choice was this.

To bring in some of the fun colors of the scene and especially the products that Camille would be modeling with, I found some fun vintage bracelets to use as accents and tied in the bright yellow from her bracelet with a bright yellow petticoat to add the full skirt that was so common in the 1950s.

The end result is this.

 Everyone did such an amazing job with this photo shoot and I am just so honored to have been a part of it!

Take a minute to check out Drew Bate's new and improved website.

As you know, I always try to support my fellow handmade artists whenever possible so several products for this shoot were bought from etsy shops.
To find your own fun retro apron, go here.
To find fun bold bracelets, go here.

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!!


  1. That looks like it was a Lot ... Of ... Fun. Very cool.

  2. What fun! I had some wonderful crinolines I remember as a young teen in the late 50's and several of those plastic bracelets!! Nice shots.

  3. What a wonderful collaboration! Love the great pics, looked fun, and very cool indeed!! Kudos

  4. My goodness! I didn't know you were so good at all these different types of art! Your costumes are works of art too! Very creative and exciting!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous, and the apron, and dress you made along with the pictures are so cool. I love how you off set the black and white with the red hair color. PERFECTO' MUNDO'!!!!
    Pictures like this and your gorgeous dresses and accessories would make such a OUTTA-THIS-WORLD blog post. Check out my blog, tell me what you think????
    I really love your blog, it has a little bit of everything and that is what I want to add more of to my blog aside from just fashion and accessories. I want the full process shown in blogs that start with a sketch and end with it fully finished and someone wearing it!!!!