Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Backstage on a Runway Show

This post is the promised continuation of my last blog post about the recent wearable art runway show that I participated in. I'm sorry that it took so long but I had some technical difficulties in getting my video to upload.

Here are some backstage photos that I took as my fellow models and artists got ready to strut their stuff down the runway. I was truly in awe of all of the amazing talent that was there! Enjoy!

 Artist, Sandra Kuba, putting some last minute touches on one of her fabulous pieces.

'Untitled' by Sandra Kuba- silk and wool roving. fabric, trim and buttons

A detail of this piece. Look at all of the layers! Just beautiful!
'Untitled 2' by Sandra Kuba- asst fabrics.
Necklace, 'Midnight Fantasy' by Rachel Dugger

                                    A detail of that amazing skirt. LOVE the quilted cityscape!

'Untitled' by Barbara Stern- water bottle caps, beads, wire, bubble wrap, garbage bags, aluminum foil, paper clips, duck tape, styrofoam and paper fasteners

' My Inner Child' by Amanda Thompson - Astroturf, fabric, beads and paint

A detail of her fabulous coat. No idea how she managed to sew that stuff!
Putting the finishing touches on ' Sea Shore Evening Gown' by Veronika Koushal and Juliana Saez
 'Untitled' by Camila Gonzalez- black garbage bags, industrial Nagaland and soda can pop tops

             The back of this piece was really cool. Just loved the creativity!

Artist Sarah Buchanan puts the finishing touches on her model's makeup.

          'Untitled' by Shanley Mitchell- coffee filters

'Upon Further Inspection' by Shani Simpson- styrofoam plates, paper fasteners, tape, coffee filters, cardboard, dried beans and much much more.

'Dinner is Served' by Jackie Trufford- tablecloths, plates, silverware, wire and fabric.

Sarah Buchanan with her model. Her piece was entitled ' Natural Events' and was made using pewter, coral, bone and river grass

'Throw A Penny, Make A Wish'- hand-painted and distressed muslin, image transfers, plastic and pennies.

                           A detail of the front of my dress

The back of my dress
Here is the video that I created for this piece. Keep watching to the end because I included some footage of the runway show that a kind friend of mine took Great night!

There's also a great article that was written about it here.

I'm grateful that this project is over, but as with all creative ventures, there is a definite bittersweetness about it's finale as well. It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. However, I am definitely looking forward to being able to work on some new projects!

Which of the pieces is your favorite? Have you ever created a piece of clothing out of something unusual? What has been your favorite creative experience so far?

I look forward to sharing my next pieces with you soon! Have a great day everyone! <3

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