Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good , Very Bad Day

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season this year!

Mine has been pretty good for the most part. My parents have been spending the holidays with my little sister this year which has left me home alone. I had a nice party with some of my dearest friends and my aunt invited me to come down to her house and stay the night Christmas night.Unfortunately I started to get a scratchy throat on my drive down to her house and it's been pretty much downhill from there.

On Monday I sounded like a mix between an 80 yr old smoker and Darth Vader. After taking some mucinex I began feeling even WORSE as that stuff makes you cough up stuff that has been inside of you for decades. It definitely helps knock the chest congestion out, but you begin to wonder if you were really that badly off with that chest congestion. (Breathing is highly overrated after all) Today I slipped down my wooden stairs in my socks and pulled some muscle in my chest that now makes coughing even more uncomfortable. If you are familiar with the wonderful children's book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst then you know where I'm going with this. When crappy things start piling up one after the other, I can't help but think of that book and declare that I'm moving to Australia.

On the positive side, I have been getting a decent amount of rest because I refuse to overdo it until I am 100% better. I am almost finished with my masquerade painting and have begun working on my entry piece for the Polymer Smooshers Guild January Challenge. Pictures will be following soon!

Until then I wish everyone a very safe and happy new year!


  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, incidentally I live in Australia and it's very nice but probably rest is easier ;)

  2. The sock puppet... You can never go wrong. Not related to your post but I read your profile.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I was scanning recent posts and your title caught my eye as I'd just donated some books to the library and one was Alexander, lol. I hope you've found relief from the congestion and although was sad to hear you've not been well, was a wonderful post to read and enjoy. You've definately a gift for storytelling. Wishin you and yours a wonderful and prosperous 2011, get well soon!