Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farewell Lump

Good Morning everyone! Well, it's not necessarily all that "good" ,but it IS nice to be alive. I'm up WAY too early this morning and now have about two hours to waste before I go to the hospital for my lumpectomy surgery. I am trying to be a bit more productive than just feeling hungry, thirsty and worried or sick to my stomach. (though these are all present and accounted for) I am closing my artfire and etsy shops temporarily as I won't be home for a few days while I recuperate. I have an upcoming show this weekend that I'm excited to be a part of called the Mother Earth by the Sea Festival. It's a really pretty waterfront location, the only problem is that I won't be able to do much to set up for this show because of my surgery so I am extremely thankful to have a supportive dad who can do a lot of it for me! Here is the link to the festival I'm attending. http://www.motherearthbytheseafestival.com/ It looks like fun! I just got my very first tent too, so I'm excited to have that for the first time!

I wanted to share some images with you that make me happy. During surgery, you can't bring anything in with you. You can't have a favorite ring, cross necklace, etc. There isn't much that you can do to bring some comfort to yourself sooooo I decided to paint my nails in a fun manner. Here are my Hello Kitty nails. May they serve me well during this icky ordeal. What can I say? They make me smile. :)

I attended Easter Vigil mass this past Saturday and the church was pretty dark at the very beginning with just a few accent lights. One of them was directly over a statue that we have of the Virgin Mary and I thought that it was just stunningly beautiful. So ethereal!

Here is a quick photo of the fairy brooch/necklace that I've recently finished. I still haven't had time to do more professional looking photos of it...

Lastly here are a few of the pieces that I have been working on for Co-op 28 Handmade in Los Angeles. They are still works in progress at  this point and I probably won't be able to finish them until next week.

Thanks so much for the well wishes and prayers! See everyone on the flip side!


  1. rebecca, you are a dear girl! quite gifted and beautiful, inside and out! you will do well, more than well. i love how you painted your nails. a unique way to make you smile, when smiling now may not be so easy. i am praying for you. :)