Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Good and The Bad

I apologize for not writing in awhile. I’ve been dealing with a lot of things, some bad some good.

I am going to be going in for surgery on Apr. 26th to remove a lump under my right arm. While the doctor seems pretty confident that it’s nothing to worry about, this is my first surgery and I’m naturally pretty nervous about it. I’ve also recently had my air conditioner pronounced dead and with the summer months become closer and closer in sweltering Florida, it’s a pretty dismal situation. My friend Frank, see Flowers for Frank, has recently discovered that his cancer has come back. He has been enduring all manner of tests to try to discover exactly WHERE the offending cells are. Overall, all of these things have placed me in a pretty big funk. I’ve been working hard to try to change my outlook because I realize that in comparison to many in the world, my life is still pretty amazing, but it’s hard. It’s so easy to let these things get to us isn’t it?

I have managed to keep myself feeling pretty content by reminding myself that I am blessed to have ice cold water anytime I want as well as cold water to wash my face and body with if the heat becomes too unbearable. Think of all of the poor people in third world countries who suffer so terribly without these things! It’s good to keep things in perspective sometimes.

On a good note, I have joined a new and up-and-coming co-op in Los Angeles. I recently sent in my contract and am pretty excited to be a part of this venture. To see Marci as she creates this fun and whimsical shop, check out her facebook fan page.

I am finishing up some pieces and hope to share them with you very soon. Also, for the rest of this week you can save 15% off of everything in my etsy shop by entering the coupon code SPRING upon checkout.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Oh Rebecca, you are dealing with a lot right now... I'm sending positive thoughts your way, and want you to know I'll be thinking about you as you go through the next weeks with the surgery and all. I'm looking forward to seeing your newest artwork! I also love the idea of finding faces in things, that you wrote below. I do that too!

  2. Rebecca,
    It's very hard at times and you just have to keep the faith and believe things will be ok. Yes, when I get into a funk, I find myself looking around and realize there are so many in far worse situations and feel fortunate to be where I am and have the things I have and never take them for granted.

    Your friend Frank and his partner sound like a wonderful people and I loved reading the post. Cancer is just terrible and I wish him the very best.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.