Friday, September 2, 2011

Changing One's Perspective

Today was a horrible, rotten day. We were incredibly busy at my job and I spent a decent portion of it running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. However,  I am quite proud of myself. I handled every single customer with the utmost care and was still able to smile and laugh with many of our guests. It would have been a very nice day, until Mr. Impossible walked in. Mr. Impossible is the name I give anyone who is impossible to please.

This particular man has the unsmiling face of a bulldog and the unpleasant attitude to match. I have never once, in the many unfortunate years since I’ve known him, EVER seen him smile. Not ONCE. I have also NEVER had him dine with us without complaining about something. The wine, the food, the service, etc. The man seems to take some sort of perverse pleasure in finding reasons to complain and be unhappy. Today, I had the unfortunate experience of being his object of complaint. I was declared to be decidedly unpleasant and unfriendly by Mr. Bulldog because of something that had nothing to do with me. He had decided that I was going to be the scapegoat for someone else's error. If I HAD been unpleasant, then I would feel some sort of guilt. The sad thing is that I had made extra efforts to be nice to him. I always do because I hope that this will be the day when I see some semblance of humanity in his face. Some sort of smirk... the faintest impression of a smile... So this accusal came after my sickeningly sweet attempt at being pleasant and welcoming. Perhaps it's forever opposite day in Mr. Impossible's world? I might have fared better if I HAD actually been unpleasant and unfriendly.

I suppose that I should wish ill on this man (and in the past I may have), but I can’t do anything but pity him. He is doing quite well financially, but it has clearly brought him no happiness whatsoever. He has the most sour face of practically anyone I have ever seen. He delights in creating drama where there is none. How sad! What a pathetic life! 

Perhaps you have encountered someone who has sought to do you ill or who seeks to make others unhappy. I ask you to look at them in a new light. Don’t hate them. Don’t bother wasting time even being angry. Just pity these people. Someone who seeks to hurt others is a person who must be suffering a great deal within themselves. Whether it’s with a low self-esteem, depression or any other manner of demons. Take a deep breath and let the poison of anger and hate pass through you and not take up residence. Then be grateful for the many blessings that you have and your infinite ability to love and laugh and ENJOY LIFE.

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  1. Ugghs! Sorry to hear your day was that of an unpleasant nature. Working in the automotive industry, I've encountered many a "Mr. Impossible" so I can relate. Like water off a ducks back, let it run right off and try not to let their displeasure of life effect yours. Love the pics and hope you've a wonderful upcoming week!