Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Riddle and an Answer

Where's Hercule Poirot? Sherlock Holmes?Miss Marple? There is a mystery to be solved and we need them!
Here is the riddle...
What do you get when you walk into a room and see blood, sweat, dog poop, wood shavings and a broken window?

I think that some creative individuals could come up with many entertaining scenarios but the truth is that you would find me and my dad putting in a window A/C unit. Sad, but true. How does this all add up you might ask...

Blood- my dad cut himself ( yet again) on the sharp edges of the A/C unit.
Sweat- my house still doesn't have A/C (hence the window A/C unit) and putting in a window unit is hard work!
Dog Poop- I stepped in this before walking into my house and didn't realize it until after I had apparently taken a walk through my house that would have made Billy (The Family Circus) proud. You put dog poop and me anywhere within 5 miles of each other and we'll find a way to collide. I have a dog poop magnet somewhere in me and medical scientists haven't been able to find a way to remove it yet.
Wood Shavings- Because we are putting a window unit into a window that has a sliding door, my dad had to jerry rig a window piece to fit in the space above the A/C unit. Well it wasn't fitting right so my dad decided to whip out his pocket knife and whittle the piece to the right shape. My living room looked like wood shop.
Broken Window- My dad didn't undo the latch right when he unlocked the window and when he shoved the window open the latch scratched, and subsequently broke, my window.

None of this is the worst part though. After all of this, we couldn't get the window unit and the jerry rigged window piece to fit right. So all of this was for nothing.

I suppose that I should have mentioned tears somewhere in that riddle because there were plenty of those while I was cleaning everything up.

                                 'The Family Circus' ~ Bil Keane


  1. Awwwwwww. I feel terrible for you. I have to say I really enjoyed your writing of this tragic event. Sorry, but I did. I've been there. In-laws living with us, 3 kids, a dog, an occasional snake, lizard, rabbit or hamster on the lose. Oh yes, there are better days ahead. Hang in there. You'll look back and laugh someday. Promise.

  2. Oh I'm laughing NOW. There's nothing else to do really. I'm glad that you enjoyed my writing on this post because it was meant to entertain. :-)