Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas is over, Time for Valentine's Day

Well for the first time since I opened my etsy shop, I am finally starting to think like a retailer. Part of me feels proud and part of me feels disgusted. We've barely finished up Christmas and New Years and here I am already creating Valentine's Day jewelry! I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. To read the first blog post I ever wrote (ironically about Valentine's Day) go here.
It's a made up 'holiday' that allows companies to overcharge for anything "love" related. I know that others really love it though, so I have been creating some fun love related jewelry. Luckily they won't be overpriced. :)

This is just my first round of styles. I have a few more pieces that I'll be sharing a little bit later on once they're finished.

"Love's First Blush" Earrings

"Hearts of Gold" Earrings

"Be Still My Heart" Earrings

I should be able to get these listed in my etsy shop tomorrow so stay tuned!

If you are an artist or artisan, have you begun to work on Valentine's Day related items as well?

Hope that you've enjoyed this preview and that you have a wonderful week!
Sending you lots of free love,


  1. Do you ever worry about the 'weight factor' in the earrings you make? They look like they could be heavier. Are earlobes just tougher than I think?

    1. Not at all. That is the wonderful thing about polymer is it is very lightweight.

  2. Wow are you talented, I adore those earrings. I love all types of jewelry with hearts in them. I must see more!!