Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spreading the Love to other Artists

I have always believed that if I want others to buy my art, then I need to buy others' art. I recently made a few purchases, AKA investments. The first was a commissioned piece by German artist, Luisa Kelle.I am a fan of her artwork as it is quite reminescent of Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham. (two of my favorite illustrators) I asked her if she could do an art deco inspired Titania from Midsummer Night's Dream. This has always been one of my all-time favorite Shakespearean plays and I myself have done many pieces inspired by it. She was very excited with this concept and this was her end result.
Isn't it lovely? The traditionalist in me is a bit saddened by the lack of wings on Titania but it's still lovely nonetheless. You can't really see it in this picture but there are even gold accents throughout it. Just love it! To see more of her whimsical artwork check out her deviantart site

I also recently purchased a piece entitled "Primroses" by the Spanish artist, June Uriagereka. I love the style of her women and fell in love with the innocent and magical feel of this small piece. It's had painted on a small piece of polished wood and is just breathtaking!

For more of her fanciful work, check out her etsy store.
As for my personal work I have been quite busy creating some images to use for Easter related cards as well as some Easter jewelry. I'll be sharing all of that with you soon!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Both of these pieces are exquisite...I can see why you love them!

  2. I really love the titania piece! So nice of you to be so thoughtful about others! I always feel that, once you open your heart to other people's art, your own work can profit immensely from it.


  3. Now this piece would be perfect for a payodee stitch pendant, even with the beads hanging from the bottom. That way it would using those same beads to make a pair of earrings,a ring, and a bracelet, along with a matching hair accessory, or more if needed! I have to have one of these, and of course will post a link to your blog as to where it comes from!! Can you paint stargazer lilies, daisies, any kind of flower for the upcoming spring/summer season?? The center bottom beads would have to match the flower. How much would one of the cost, I want to make one and put it up to see if it will work as well as I think it would!

  4. Dana,
    Thank you for your comment. The pieces that I have shown on this blog post were done by other artists. June Uriagereka did the bottom piece that you are asking about. I can certainly do a handpainted pendant using polymer, but if you are interested in a handpainted wood piece like the one in this post, you should probably contact June. I include a link to her lovely etsy store. Thanks again!