Saturday, December 8, 2012

Laws of Attraction

Move over James Bond, you're blocking my view of Q! That's right. That intelligent, quick-witted, earl grey drinking, art loving, computer geek makes my heart race.
    Just to be clear, I'm talking about this Q (played by Ben Whishaw)

  Not this Q (played by Desmond Llewelyn, who was BRILLIANT. Just not hot...)

One of my dearest friends often uses expressions like "He can leave his boots under my bed anyday" and "I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating crackers". All of those pertain to Q, while Bond would be promptly turned out on his ear.

               Get out of my bed you cracker eating slob!

Many of you are probably staring at the computer screen with a marked look of bewilderment. Is she nuts?!! How could she NOT throw herself into James Bond's arms? Or Daniel Craig's, for that matter? Well, he just doesn't do anything for me. Perhaps in real life things would be different as I have heard that Daniel Craig is a very kind and charming man, but James Bond just doesn't make the cut. This creates a slight problem for me when  I am watching these movies as I can never understand what all of these women see in him!

In the midst of my drooling over Q, I began to wonder about attraction. What causes us to be attracted to others? We obviously aren't seeing movie stars or the characters that they portray in person so pheromones can't always be the cause.

They say that Helen of Troy had the face that launched 1,000 ships, but for all of those that found her attractive there were probably quite a few people who couldn't figure out what all of the fuss was about. Some people may have even found her to be downright unattractive.

           Helen of Troy by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

As a society, we have our stereotypes of beauty (thin, big lips, eyes a certain width apart, etc), but the reality is that beauty really and truly IS in the eye of the beholder. I think that this is a pretty important revelation. (especially for our teenagers) For every person that finds you unattractive or plain, there will be someone out there who thinks that you're perfect.

I have read quite a few studies on why we are attracted to certain types of people. While there are many different theories, it seems to me that basically no one really knows why we are attracted to certain types of people and not to others. For some it's based on looks while others it's based more on  personality. For some people attraction is instantaneous and for others it comes after knowing the person for awhile.

If any of you enjoy science like I do, you are welcome to check out some of the studies that I have read.

So what odd crushes have you had? Is there anyone that society has deemed to be the epitome of good looks that has you baffled?


  1. That's really intriguing stuff! I recently read a fascinating study about the personality traits of female artists. (It was a little bit disconcerting...) I'm going to take a look at your links. Thanks!

  2. That's really interesting Katherine! Do you remember where you read this study? I enjoy reading about this stuff. Sometimes I just find it humourous though as it seems like a whole bunch of hogwash. Quite frankly, people are too varied (in my humble opinion) to make a gross generalization about their personality traits based solely on whatever talents they have been endowed with. The same goes for many of the studies that I included in my blog post. I am not attracted to strong alpha males so the idea that I am subconsciously attracted to men that will 'better the human species' with their 'strong dna' is sort of absurd. Either way, facinating stuff! :)