Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Latest Painting and Exhibition!

My latest painting consisted of many firsts. Despite my close proximity to the ocean, this was my first and only time painting it. This was also my first time trying to paint with a palette knife. Lastly, it was my first time entering and being accepted into a professional exhibition. I have participated in school/alumni based shows in the past, but somehow this one felt more 'official' since I didn't know any of the judges or participants.

The theme of this exhibition was simply "Landscapes 2012".  As the gallery was specifically looking for Florida based landscapes this sort of narrowed things down for me a bit. I realized that I would have to paint something specifically for this show as I don't really have any Florida based landscapes that I've already painted. (Yes I do recognize the irony in this since I've lived here most of my life.) I just tend to find inspiration more easily in other locations, specifically North Carolina, but also Oregon, England, France, etc. As I began to peruse local artist hangouts for inspiration I inevitably came to the ocean and began to take lots of photographs. I took some pictures of the beaches, and the people and the vegetation and it wasn't really until I took everything home that I realized that I had taken more pictures of the people than anything else. Clearly, Florida landscapes (by themselves) weren't as interesting to me as the Florida landscape used as a background to the people who enjoy them.  Once I came to this realization, creating the painting itself came much easier.

                           My Florida "backdrop" in it's early stages.

                         Making waves with a palette knife.

                       Adding in some of the 'main characters'

12" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas
My painting "Conversations" is on exhibit at the Lighthouse Art Gallery in Tequesta, FL from now through Jan. 4th, 2013.
I'm working on many new things right now and will be sharing them with you very soon! Have a wonderful week!!


  1. What a lovely painting Rebecca! You look to be very talented. :)

  2. That's gorgeous! Thanks for showing the process, too!

  3. Wow you paint to, it's beautiful. What a stunning rendition! Girl you are a artist at heart and a true natural. I am starting the design course for 1 yr unless I can afford the other 3 yrs at the Baltimore The School of Arts. Always been my dream, I hope to make my major fashion, and then my electives clay, and 2 other classes that would up my skills on my jewelry designs. I plan to only go part-time....so since I own my home and have no mortgage I should be able to pull all 4 yrs!! I would just have to take night classes to keep my job at the florist to pay for school. I'm so excited!! Enough about me, but maybe painting ..I like watercolors, and coal sketching.