Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!

With the new year comes the usual tradition of vowing to remove all old habits and create new ones. Otherwise known as creating resolutions. All diet books and nasty tasting, overly processed low- sugar, low-fat foods will be flying off of the shelves in the next few weeks and people will be reading self-help books with frantic desperation in their eyes as they munch their salads. This is just our usual routine.

This year I have made quite a few New Year's goals for myself. Most of them relating to my art and the creative life that I am striving to acheive for myself. First and foremost, I would like to have a website. Amazingly, I have yet to create one even though this is one of the most important business tools that one can have right after business cards. I would like to have a website that not just has a gallery of my work, but also links to my online shops, twitter account, etc as well as an online shop where you can purchase my jewelry and/or artwork directly. I have only looked into a few of those sites where you 'make your own website' but many of them seem rather limiting. They either allow you to create an online shop, or they allow you to create a website with a gallery. Often they don't seem to combine the two. Has anyone found a website that allows you to do both? Usually these 'do-it-yourself' sites are cheaper than hiring a web designer. However, sometimes they seem so complex that you'd probably have to hire one anyway.

Another goal of mine is to create a more regimented schedule for my business life. I have been much better about balancing my day job and my art, but its only improved my ability to create art. I'm floundering terribly as far as keeping up with my online presence. This is changing this year. I have to think like a drill sergeant and keep a schedule. Does anyone have any tips? How do you keep yourself on top of your business requirements when you are self-employed?

What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2013? What steps are you taking to make them happen?

Have a wonderful day everyone!! I look forward to hearing some of your ideas, goals and tips!


  1. Rebecca, you have such wonderful goals. I am sure you'll reach them and go beyond! I look forward to visiting your new website soon. Enjoy the journey and thank you for sharing. Have a magnificent day.

  2. The art business is a full time job, requiring an assistant, I think! I'm having trouble finding time to do everything that should be done, and I don't have any other job at the moment, so I work all day long on my art. I don't know how others manage the two jobs. But you will find a way, just listen to your innermost convictions adn they will guide you. Your beautiful artwork should be treasured everywhere that it is seen!

  3. I think being artist is not a job it`s a feeling present deep inside you that comes out naturally...

    1. Creating art is definitely not a job, but making a living at it and running the business aspect of that definitely is.