Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wearable Art Show

As promised in my last blog post, here is a video and some photos of the amazing work from this year's Fashion Artillery Show.
This show featured 36 different pieces from about 27 different artists.

I would recommend muting the sound for this video as the background noise can get rather obnoxious. As I was modeling my own piece, I wasn't able to create a video of my own so am posting one that was taken by someone from Broward College's North Campus Art Club.

Next to me, Amanda Thompson models her piece 'To Meme, With Love', which used magazines, cardboard food boxes and aluminum can scraps

Sandra Kuba's piece 'Epiphyte' made using airplants and moss

Kes Elliot's pieces 'All Tomorrow's Parties' featuring hand-painted hoodies and jeans

A collaborative piece entitled 'Sweet Nothings' using candy and candy wrappers

Page R. Burow's piece 'The Cartographer's Daughter' made from maps

Eden Manresa's piece 'Aqua' used melted down plastic bags for parts of it

Jennifer Love Gironda's piece 'Floral Bridal Gown' used recycled paper

Jessica Benton Kelty's pieces 'Haute Bath' and 'Oodles of Pool Noodles' used shower caps, bath loofas, pool noodles and pool towels

Amy Shannon's piece 'Craft Vodka Couture' featured over 300 cardboard bottle neck tags and over 100 copper bottle tops

Alexandra Kirschner's piece 'Dare to Wear' featured a top made of sea glass

Karen Chandler's 'Elven Mischief' which recycled old sweaters

The back of Sarah Buchanan's piece 'Bloom' which featured plastic bags and had strings of lights within the train

Joni Sarah White's piece 'Year of the Horse' used an old English saddle, Sisel rope and porcupine quills

Julie Silk Beaumont's piece 'The Spring Collection' used plastered gauze and paint

Aidana Baldassarre's piece 'Wedding News' used recycled newspaper
Of the pieces shown, do you have a favorite? Have you ever created a piece using unconventional materials? What material do you think will eventually work it's way into mainstream fashion?


  1. Oh wow! I never heard of this type of fashion show! How fun! You look gorgeous, too! What is your dress made of? Is that in a previous post that I missed?

    1. My dress is made of old 1970s drapery material. I actually covered my whole process in the previous blog post. :) It was a lot of hard work but a lot of fun too! Always love to 'see' you Katherine! :)

  2. what a fun fashion show and it sounds like such a great project to work on- very Project Runway. :)