Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mermaids On My Mind

Last April, I discussed some concept sketches that I had done for a client who wanted me to do a painting of her two daughters as mermaids.  I realize now that I never posted the final decision that my client made nor the final painting that was created for her. Sorry about that!! As always, life seems to get in the way of my good intentions.

Here is the final painting that was created for her.

Perhaps it's because of my work on this painting, but it seems as if I'm stuck on mermaids right now. Here are a few more mermaid pieces that I've created since then...



             Handpainted polymer Mermaid Barrettes

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck on a theme? What concept or theme have you gotten attached to? Children? Portraits? Landscapes?

Hope that your week is going swimmingly...  ;)

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  1. Themes are great! I think that attracts people to one's work, if htey know you have a particular passion for the subject and that you have several pieces that are similar. I DO remember last year's mermaids and the three choices that you posted!!!! I love what you painted here. The whole magical world of mermaids is so appealing, especially the way you portray them!