Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Are Facebook Ads Worth Their Price?

For any of you wondering if promoting your Facebook page with Facebook ads is worth it, I have done the research for you.

After a few years of struggling to build my Facebook audience, I finally decided to put some money into my business and advertise my Facebook page. I just feel that there is no point in posting on Facebook if no one is seeing the posts! I was also beginning to question the quality of my art, which is a fatal thought to have as an artist. I decided to do some research and see if it's the art itself that is keeping people away or if it's simply a matter of too few people being exposed to my art. I kept my budget to their lowest setting. ( $5 per day and an estimate of 4-14 likes per day)

 I began this experiment with 467 likes on my page. After Day 1 of advertising, my page had gained 10 likes. As it had been taking me months to acquire that many likes, I was pretty happy with this. The next day I gained 16 likes, which surprised me since it surpassed the maximum number that my budget was supposed to earn. The most likes I gained in a day after that was 28. The fewest was that initial day of only 10 likes. My average for 11 days of advertising was about 16 likes per day.

For me, advertising with Facebook was worth it. It has gained me access to almost 200 people in a rather short amount of time. I'm not sure how the more expensive budgets would pan out, but if my small budget of $5 was able to gain me this many likes, then I assume that the other options would increase your exposure in correlation to your daily budget.

I would like to mention that I have not been paid by Facebook to push their ads or anything. I am simply an artist struggling to get my business up and running and know that many other artists are in the same boat. It's difficult to be seen, especially on the internet where you are a very tiny needle in a massive haystack. I'm hoping that my experience will help answer questions that any other artists may have had and will help other artists to gain the exposure that they are desiring.

Have you advertised your art before? Where did you decide to advertise and did you find the expense worth the end result? It's always difficult to know where you should spend your hard earned money and it would be nice to get a list of websites or magazines that have left artists with positive results.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiment! Yes, I've often wondered about that little advertising suggestion that pops up on Facebook sometimes. When you signed up for the 5$ per day was it for a pre-set limited time, or do they lock you into something long-range? Rebecca, I'm so glad that more people are seeing and appreciating the creativeness and beauty of your work! I'm going to click your FB link right now!

    1. Thanks very much Katherine! You can either have your ad running continuously, or you can set an end date with them. I set my ad up to run for a week and then extended it for a little longer once I realized that I was actually getting results from it. It was sort of a nice surprise as so many things out there tend to be scams.