Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hidden Faces

Ever since I was a child I have always found faces in things. Faces in tree bark, the sides of mountains, etc. It used  to be something that I did naturally, then it became a game that I would play and now it's back to being something that I do subconsciously. Perhaps it's the Brian Froud in me. He often illustrates goblin faces in rocks, trees, etc.

I follow the amazing talent of Carne Griffiths on and recently saw a hidden face in his piece entitled "New Light"  As Mr. Griffiths couldn't see the hidden face that I had found, I decided to circle the face and post it here. Can anyone else see what I am talking about? It's a man/goblin/gnome with his eyes closed and a rather long nose.

I love finding things like this in works of art. If you do too, then definitely check out Al Hirschfeld's work as he always incorporated at least one NINA in his pieces. (The name of his daughter)


  1. Hello, nice to see so much more of your work here. I found you on Etsy and am now following your blog. You are welcome to drop by mine too.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Hope you are well and in good spirits. Yes, it's very interesting how one's perception varies from another and one may not see what another see's with clarity. My granddot and I were on our way home when we came to an intersection stopsign and we looked to the right and there stood this old oak tree. As we looked we simultaneously said "look there's a monkey" at what was really a big knot and limbs protruding from, but looked like the face and body of a monkey. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed reading.

  3. Kanelstrand, thank you so much and welcome! Your felted work is lovely!
    Nevertooold, as usual, I love your granddot stories. :)