Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Crown for a Faerie Queen

It's always a disappointment when plans falls through.  I had made plans to attend this year's Renaissance Festival. Got a costume together, paid to have my dress taken in by a professional seamstress, created makeup, a headpiece, etc. In then end my plans were derailed.

Since I couldn't wear my costume to the fair, I decided to do a photo shoot with the costume on so that I could at least wear it a brief time.
Here are some photos from that shoot.

I also created a video showing how my headpiece was created.

One of my friends, who is a photographer,  saw my photos and has asked me to be a model for a fairytale inspired photoshoot. I guess that I'll get to wear my costume for a bit afterall!

Do you like to dress up for Halloween, Renaissance fairs or costume parties? If so, what was your favorite costume that you've ever worn?


  1. beautiful - costumes and...
    - model...


  2. I love your costume. I used to be in a middle eastern dance troupe when I was young (hundreds of years ago:-) and made my own belly dance costumes and jewelry, and often for other members of the troupe too. We performed at the Sterling NY Renaissance Festival every summer. If you lived closer I would hire you to pose for me in some of your costumes for a series I'd love to do...I am a fabriholic and love anything to do with textiles, weaving, knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc. and I used to do a lot of silk painting. Primarily I am a figurative painter though and like to incorporate fabrics and textiles in my paintings when I can. You would really fit the bill! Lovely stuff.

    1. How interesting Karen!! I love fabrics too. There are often times when I wished that I lived closer to various people. There isn't enough of a creative outlet here sometimes!

  3. ABSO-FREEKIN-LUTE-LY stunning. I adore the headpiece, and the metallic colored wings, this is so so pretty. What a creative mind you have and such amazing pieces. Its easy to imagine a design or even put it on paper but to execute and put it together so beautifully is a skill that I want to have but am working on. You are just a natural!!!! I love peacock feathers. All of the different colored ones like the light pink, the bolder purples, all of them, and ostrich feathers!!! GORGEOUS GIRLY!