Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in a Tree with Patrick Dougherty

I have just stumbled across someone that I KNOW you are going to love. An amazing sculptor by the name of Patrick Dougherty who has taken his love of nature and carpentry skills to a whole new level. He creates extraordinary sculptures and houses out of sticks and has created over 200 pieces all over the world. They are just AMAZING! I am completely in awe of them and have already spent many hours envisioning myself as a woodland nymph or fairy living in one of these amazing dwellings. It's even more fun to imagine what kind of furniture they would have in them! His work fits perfectly with all of the fairy paintings I have been doing lately.

I hope that you will take the time to do the same. Enjoy some time with your imagination. :)

If you'd like to watch him work on one of these pieces, check out this nifty video!

For more information about Patrick Dougherty, check out his website.

Thanks for looking! Have an inspiring day!


  1. Beautiful and magical. It is very easy for me to picture fairies, all sorts of woodland creatures, maidens and knights.

  2. Absolutely stunning and amazes me the vision some have. I especially love the one with multi archways and portals above. The video is amazing as well. Definately takes one back to a time of medievel times.