Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Facebook Page!

As my art business grows I have had to make changes to better accommodate it. I do most of my artwork under my name, rather than Phoenix Art Studio, so I have decided to switch to a new facebook page. Since I have shops under names other than Phoenix Art Studio, I'm hoping that this will help to avoid confusion in the future. Once you "like" my facebook page you'll learn about my process, new and upcoming projects, contests, etc as well as have fun because I love posting fun and silly things. (although don't be surprised if you see an article posted about some new scientific theory or discovery. Science was always one of my favorite subjects in school)  I hope that everyone will take a minute to check it out. If you love to laugh and love art, then you are sure to enjoy my page. It is always wonderful to meet like-minded people and I have been truly blessed so far to be able to do just that!

I have some exciting blog posts planned so I hope that you'll follow my blog or keep checking back so that you can read them. I have an ode to Monet ( he's worth sonnets, and hymns and odes and even more!), a summer sale,some new projects and sketches, a new online shop and an introduction to an absolutely AMAZING fantasy jewelry artist. Her work just astounds me with it's awesomeness, but I'm not telling you who it is. It's a surprise!!

Hope to see you back here soon and that you have a wonderful day!!


  1. Great pic! Look forward to visiting the new FB page. Hope you had a dandy 4th and that all is well.

  2. Thanks Dave! I hope to see you there as well! My 4th of July WAS dandy and I hope that yours was full of family and fireworks! :)